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Red River Bobis is a TICA Registered Cattery

"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc."

Red River Bobi's
I'm proud to say my ancestry is Choctaw and that my great-great-grandfather was a Lawman (Light Horsemen) long before Oklahoma was a state. I grew up on a large cattle ranch in Southeastern Oklahoma and heard stories of a large cat valued for it's size, intellect, strong survival and hunting skills. Usually it was short tailed, the coat was rough and similar to a wild cat's in various shades of brown with tiny muted spots.

What my ancestors referred to as "Native" American cats. There have been questions over the years if bobcats and cats mate in a natural setting and produce offspring that may be the long lost ancestors of our breed.

All our kittens are guaranteed with a written contract. We work with each customer to find just the right kitten for you. We also provide you with information on vaccinations, feeding and other care. Our lines boast of some of the best NW bloodlines as well as our own, advertised to be the 'largest of the breed'! Each kitten is raised in our home before it becomes a part of yours. Prices vary but we are proud to say ours are comparable to our fellow-breeders' but affordable. Call today to retain one of these unique kittens.

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TICA VOLUNTARY CODE OF ETHICS :  What to expect from a responsible breeder [Click here]
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Updated: 02/14/2010

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